What is water resistance decided by real stone paint manufacturers

It's tiled, but now there are more and more buildings decorated with real stone paint. Even in the third and fourth tier cities, there are many new stone like paint projects under construction. As one of the most popular exterior wall coatings, genuine stone paint has unique advantages. It has the texture of natural real stone, and will not increase the weight of the building like dry hanging marble. There is no risk of high-rise falling, and the price has incomparable advantages of dry hanging stone.

However, gold is not red. Some stone like paint will turn white after being exposed to the wind and sun. The color will gradually fade down and lose its original perfect texture. Why does this happen.

Xiaomei gives you analysis and analysis: the main reason is that the quality of the emulsion used in the coating is not high when the coating is used. Under normal circumstances, the film assistant acrylic has strong stability, but some manufacturers increase the viscosity by hydroxyethyl cellulose and other substances when preparing genuine stone paint, which are all dissolved in water, greatly reducing the water resistance of the coating. The water absorption rate of the coating formed by spraying was only 0.42%, while the water absorption rate of the coating increased sharply to 4.3% when 0.4% hydroxyethyl cellulose was added to the coating. It is not easy to release the water in a short time after absorbing the moisture after the wind blowing, rain and sun drying, and the coating will turn white.

In addition, it is also very important to increase the sealing of exterior wall stone paint. Before the construction, the cleaning work should be done to avoid the dust pollution of the wall. If there is any pollution in the construction site and the environmental arrangement, it is necessary to coordinate to eliminate the pollution. The surrounding area of the spraying surface shall be protected with adhesive tape.

specific working means

1. The surface strength and permeability sealing of cement powder smooth surface are increased by roller coating with waterborne silicone acrylic primer.

2. When roller coating, pay attention to the dryness of the base surface, so as to prevent the primer from penetrating into the base surface due to the moisture of the base surface, thus affecting the adhesion of the primer.

Finally, Xiaomei wants to say that the effect of the stone like paint on the wall is the finished product stage, rather than the products produced by the manufacturer and installed in the barrel. It is only a kind of liquid, and it is only a semi-finished product before it is put on the wall. Therefore, the construction process of the real stone paint is very important, and many details should be paid more attention to, so as to make a truly perfect real stone paint exterior wall.


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